Digital Transformation for 2021 and Beyond

Africa Tech Week promotes digital transformation by connecting government, corporates and fresh talent in the tech industry. Interact with the business leaders shaping the way to the future.

Voted the top tech event for startups in Africa by Ventureburn

Key Themes

Digital Transformation Trends & Insights
Cloud Technology
AI & Machine Learning
Women in Tech

10x Your Business

Turn your business into an exponential organisation through transformation

Future-Proof Your Business

Accelerate your company’s culture


Meet the top startup and tech entrepreneurs

Learn How To

Create a world-class culture of technological innovation to dominate your industry


"There are so many people attending this conference in order to spark thinking to differentiate their companies, that having your business in the spotlight can lead to all sorts of sales and collaboration opportunities."

Shashi Hansjee, CEO, Entelect

"The Tech week was a fantastic event which provided a platform to interact with technology leaders and learn from the best in the industry. It was a remarkable two days and I am already looking forward to the 2020 event."

Siddika Osman, CEO, Nkgwete IT Solutions

"I believe the ideas and visions we will see come out of Africa tech week will show great talent and potential for the African continent. This is an excellent recognition platform on how organisations are embracing innovation and the impact of technology on their businesses."

Zimkhita Buwa, CEO, Britehouse

Top Speakers

Tony Saldanha

Co-Founder at Inixia Inc. Author of No. 1 Best Seller: Why Digital Transformations Fail

Jacques Vermeulen

CEO, Coca-cola Beverages Africa

Brett White

CEO, Zapper

Phathizwa Malinga

Chief Solutions Officer, SqwidNet

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Establish Credibility

Learn what it takes to WIN awards, grow your business and get more business than you dreamed about, how Award winners grew their companies and the bottom line.

Connect with Buyers

Connect with the right people and industry peers. meet new people who allocate budgets, from multiple sectors, talk to future clients 1-on-1, Live Chats, Q&A's

Do Deals

Collaborations with other attendees and Speakers, reaching out to participants to partner-up, with new tips and hacks that's actionable right away..

Get Mentored

This is your chance to be mentored by the best of the best in the industry, Ministers, CEO's, Academics and entrepreneurs in the comfort of your home.

Grow your Brand

Personal & business branding is driving business growth, learn from the best in the business, how to get invited to meetings and get a seat at the main table

Get Funding

This is your opportunity to talk to banks, DTI and other funding and grant organisations, find out how the Top Entrepreneurs are doing it.